Scarlett_Allure on Streamate

Scarlett_Allure is fairly new model on Streamate that is making the tip controlled vibrator a hot sensation on that website. Chaturbate is typically known for the tip sound induced vibes, while Streamate seems to be getting in the game.

Scarlett is particularly interesting because she’s a gorgeous 5′-9″ model with a beautiful face, fantastic fit body, and typically wearing some really sexy swimsuits this time of the year.

At 34, she recently had a child, which technically makes her a MILF.  Still uses an old picture as an avatar with her visible chubbier face.

Her weapon of choice is the ohmibod club vibe. The majority of times I’ve visited her room, her topic lists the vibe has a variable setting from $1 to $100 that supposedly controls the intensity. I haven’t looked into if this is even possible, as I know it is with other vibes such as Lovense Lush, but nonetheless she puts on a fun show.

You catch her with repeated, “Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, fuck..”, and as more guys tip from $25, and $50, for some reason it seems believable and may possibly be having a real effect.

Scarlett_Allure usually has her hand over her mouth to control the volume of her shouts. She’s known to flop around and the bed and fall to the floor.  And times it appears to make her body jerk, squirm and twitch, as to imply she’s having a violent body and mind shuttering orgasms. “Chili Pepper” is the safe word, but that doesn’t always stop people from tipping.

Either real, played up, not or all of those, Scarlett is very entertaining. And on that note, who cares? She’s fucking sexy. Maybe take a look, there’s often a crowd watching.

*Just missed a $100 drop in the gold show as I was looking on outside. I wonder what that did?

Note: You must ask her if you want a private show or exclusive




Scarlett is not nearly as wild as Kitty Fox, but there are some similarities.


Lovense Lush and Nora tip controlled vibrators

There’s several chat room tip controlled vibrators on the market today. The one that seems to be leading the pack is the Lovense Lush and the Lovense Nora.

The Lovense brand has gone that extra mile to create a vibrator that is seemlessly integrated into your favorite webcam site such as Flirt4free, Chaturbate, Myfreeecams, Naked among a few others.

Despite it looking like a thin, fuschia/pink antenna penis sticking out of your body, models appear to enjoy the power of the device and the ability to customize the intensity and timing of the vibrations with the software.

The Lovense website also have several impressive how to tutorials on how to use it with cam sites and a few videos that show how powerful and responsive this real deal Lovense Lush really is.

Many models seem to be buying this one up at a modest $100 or so per toy, or the somewhat less expensive competitor ohmibod.

Lovense also sells a toy exclusive for men called the Lovense Max. It resembles other competitors such as Fleshlight.


Lovense Lush, Lovense Nora 50% Off direct from

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Lovense Toys for Virtual Sex

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Thekittykatbar on Chaturbate

Today’s Adult Webcam Review

Why would you want to get to know Thekittykatbar?

First thing you’ll notice is she is always sporting an kitty kat headband, and the cute kitty cat bell necklace.

Second, her beautiful and youthful pretty face, that you’ll mistake for 21 and not 26.

Third, her bodacious, milky, juicy, 32 DDD natural titties.

Fourth, her patented laugh that sounds like one of those patented Nerf footballs hurtling past you in the air.

Fifth, those ding sounds caused by tips that are often for the ubiquitous ohmibod vibrators on this site. Fleshlight even sells a few that you can vibe with to music.

Sixth, is maybe you’ll stick around long enough to see that pretty little pussy when she pulls the panties to the side.

Chaturbate is a website that has been on our radar for sometime. We initally turned our nose up at it because of the advertisements, but since it is the year 2016, you can sign up to get rid of the ads, or take the required optional steps if you are a savvy user.






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AmberCutie – Nerdy and Curvy at Myfreecams

Today’s Adult Webcam Review – 12.05.15

Caught AmberCutie tonight, with her members controlling a modified video game by typing commands into the chat. The topic for the night was “Amberland Plays…” We’ll leave the video game name a mystery. Maybe you’ll check out her room and see what it’s about.

Amber has a number of websites with interesting things going on. She’s the creator of the ACF –  Amber Cutie Forum, The Cam Girl wiki and another site “The Cootie board”,  that graphically shows her tippers.

AmberCutie Links

twitter icon@AmberLynneGirl

myfreecams iconMyfreecams profile


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